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The Big Question


We are often asked about Speed/Wheel balancing issues. 

“Surely by inserting a gel into a tyre, it must upset the balancing, and handling of the vehicle?” 

A typical comment.

Remember, the Puncture Safe Gel that gets installed will move, as it remains a liquid gel throughout its life. Rotational forces created will evenly distribute and spread the gel around the inside of the tyre, effectively covering the tread area. As you do more miles Puncture Safe will also spread up the side wall and on to the rim which will create a seal and stop any bleeding.

The product has to remain a gel to enable it to move to any damage incurred, through rotational forces and greater internal air pressure. Puncture Safe has no speed restrictions as it does not break down, due to it being a water based product.

Therefore you may experience some vibrations for a short time after installation, you do not need to worry about this. Instead you should make sure you have enough oil in the car.

The answer to the Big Question:

Puncture Safe cannot create an out of balance situation. If the tyre and rim are properly balanced prior to installing Puncture Safe and neither is out of round, then there will not be a change in performance. Puncture Safe does not balance tyres or rims. If a problem exists then Puncture Safe may aggravate the situation, which acts as a safety warning alerting the driver that there is definitely a tyre, rim and/or suspension problem.