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Safety Factor

Puncture Safe installed Tyre

PunctureSafe provides safety factors that are not found in any tyre. PunctureSafe will not mask or hide damage that has breached the integrity of the tyre. PunctureSafe is specially formulated to allow any serious puncture (potentially dangerous) to slowly deflate in a controlled manner. This attribute provides safety and aids in alleviating the hazards associated with blowouts. PunctureSafe cannot create a secure seal in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless of the puncturing object's diameter. This is because PunctureSafe needs rubber recovery in order to work effectively. Cords play a vital part in rubber recovery, but in a puncture that has damaged cords PunctureSafe and air will slowly bleed out of the tyre giving the driver a controlled deflation.

Outstanding at sealing punctures

PunctureSafe’s makeup is 80% polymer and 20% liquid which means it is a very high solids content and dries to a flexible rubbery plug in the puncture without any shrinkage. The polymer gel suspends a special mix of highly fibrillated fibres and granulated rubber fillers which contribute to PunctureSafe’s sealing abilities, so once the seal is in place it is permanent and will not fail at a later date.

Will not cure or harden inside the tyre

People often ask, "If PunctureSafe cures from exposure to outside air, then why doesn't it cure by the air inside of the tyre?" PunctureSafe transforms the tyre and rim into a sealed air chamber. As the vehicle is driven and the temperature of the tyre increases, a portion of the liquid base vaporises within the tyre assembly's inner air cavity, as the tyre cools, the moisture condensates back into the formula. The inside air actually becomes part of the system. The sealed air chamber prevents outside air from entering or inside air from escaping.

Seals only the smaller, less harmful punctures

PunctureSafe does not have any of the failings that are inherent in many previous and most of the current products available on the market today. Traditional tyre sealants contain large chunks of rubber particles that are incapable of sealing small holes in a tyre, yet they will readily seal a large and dangerous hole or gash. Conversely, PunctureSafe contains only small rubber granules and synthetic fibres that when interlocked in a puncture are extremely strong. PunctureSafe will only seal punctures in the tread area that are safe to seal and which have been caused by puncturing objects no larger than 6mm in diameter and only if the hole is shrinking in size because neither excessive tyre rubber has been lost or cord damage has occurred. These small punctures account for 95% of today’s punctures in high speed vehicles. Any larger puncture, either with or without cord damage and PunctureSafe will just slowly bleed through the hole giving a controlled deflation. In these circumstances air pressure loss in the tyre will either stop or slow down at the lower pressures of 10 to 15 PSI, dependent on the severity of the puncture. This slower loss of air pressure prevents damaged rims and enables the driver/rider to maintain control and possible continuation of the journey, thereby removing the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location. PunctureSafe will not seal a puncture in the sidewall because the sidewall is much thinner and more flexible, therefore in the event of sidewall punctures a controlled deflation will usually occur.

Gives better coverage throughout the inner tyre

Traditional tyre sealants do not cover 100% of the crown area in a high-speed tyre - at best they usually only cover 60% which becomes less as the vehicle increases in speed, because more of the tyre sealant is driven to the centre area creating a mound that can cause vibration at the higher speeds. One of the components of PunctureSafe is a polymer gel,FlexxaGel™, which has an affinity to adhere to rubber even in a vehicle moving at very high speed. Although "FlexxaGel™" behaves like a glue and has properties similar to glue, it is not a glue. When the lateral movement of a vehicle throws the excess PunctureSafe over the crown area and sideways up the inner sidewalls of the tyre, the adhesive properties of "FlexxaGel™" allows PunctureSafe to cling evenly over more of the inner tyre surface at all speeds. Although the gel will immediately cover the whole of the crown and shoulder areas, a settling in period of 1500+ miles is required to activate the FlexxaGel™ for sidewall coverage. This maintained inner tyre coverage at speed gives added heat dispersion to the rim via sidewall coverage due to conduction. Heat dispersion to the rim allows a cooler inner tyre and cool tyres are less susceptible to punctures. The gel’s ability to seal porosity leaks over the inner tyre helps maintain tyre pressure, the tyre becomes safer with the added bonus of extended tyre life. Incorporation of "FlexxaGel™" into the process also gave the finished sealant incredible elastic properties enabling it to stretch and flex, covering more of the inner tyre with increasing speed. 

FlexxaGel™ is exclusively manufactured at our Devon facility and is one of our most closely guarded trade secrets.

Withstands the heat and stress in a high speed tyre

Unlike traditional tyre sealants, PunctureSafe's concentrated polymer gel formulation containing over a dozen technically advanced polymers, rubber and fibre fillers, will not separate, ball up, or dry up - thereby withstanding the extreme heat and centrifugal forces that can be created in the hostile environment of a very high speed tyre. In a closely guarded proprietary process, PunctureSafe is manufactured to stay liquid in a high speed tyre for the entire lifetime of the tyre, irrespective of its use. Compared with traditional tyre sealants, the Thixotropic qualities of the PunctureSafe polymers allows change from a very viscous gel to a thin liquid when the vehicle is at speed, yet returning immediately to a viscous gel when the vehicle comes to rest, and it is this feature that helps stabilise the polymers from eventual breakdown. Many traditional tyre sealants pool on the bottom of a tyre in a stationary vehicle causing vibration with each forward movement, but PunctureSafe stays firmly coated over the inner tyre. PunctureSafe's ability and performance is not diminished with speed, distance or time.

These qualities alone put PunctureSafe

in a league of its own


Some key attributes:

Extends tyre life

PunctureSafe maintains air pressure, retards aging within the casing, reduces heat build-up and increase tyre life.

Protects against under-inflation

PunctureSafe has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage, thereby allowing the tyre to maintain proper air pressure, which in turn will prevent rolling resistance and heat build-up, the biggest cause of high fuel consumption and tyre failure. For retreaders this also prevents the inception of most tread separations & ruptures.

Heat reduction

PunctureSafe assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat build-up, which is associated with friction caused by under inflation, and/or overloading. PunctureSafe contains specific ingredients that aid in conducting heat away from the tyre, by transmitting additional heat to the rim (which is the tyre's natural heat sink), resulting in a cooler running tyre for any type of equipment or vehicle, regardless of use.

Lasts the life of the tyre

PunctureSafe's proprietary process protects the sealant against heat and provides the ability to overcome the centrifugal force of a rotating tyre. PunctureSafe's abilities & performance does not diminish with speed, distance or time.

Protects the entire inner surface of the tyre

PunctureSafe provides a coating that clings to more of the inner tyre, thereby providing protection for the tyre at all times.

Positive sealing capabilities

PunctureSafe seals are positive and secure, thereby transforming any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. PunctureSafe is capable of sealing tread area punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6 mm in diameter, as long as the puncturing object has not severely damaged and/or weakened the tyre's structural integrity. PunctureSafe cannot create a secure seal in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless of the puncturing object's diameter.

Water-soluble (for easy clean out)

PunctureSafe is completely water-soluble in its liquid state, and leaves no residue when rinsed with plain water. Yet it will not dissolve within a puncture after it has cured. Standard repairing procedures can be utilised without additional effort.

Protection against rust and corrosion

PunctureSafe contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but in a puncture, PunctureSafe's proprietary process will also protect steel belts. Outside contaminants are prevented from leaching back into the puncture, which would cause the steel belts to rust and the ply’s to separate. Without PunctureSafe's protection, the contaminants would quickly destroy valuable casings.

Cannot create a balance problem

Treating a tyre with the recommended amount of PunctureSafe does not provide for an excessive amount of product to accumulate in the tread area, therefore the tyre is not subjected to a mass of substance (common with many tyre sealants) that would create an imbalance. PunctureSafe cannot create an imbalance due to the ability to evenly coat the inner surfaces of the tyre subjected to normal centrifugal force.If the suspension is worn beyond specified tolerance, or a tyre/rim assembly is not balanced and/or trued, the abnormal centrifugal force generated will have enough gravitational force to pull PunctureSafe off the vertical surfaces and collect in the problem area thereby increasing the "existing" imbalance problem. If the problem is severe enough the driver will feel a vibration. The vibration indicates that a problem pre-existed in the tyre assembly or suspension prior to installing PunctureSafe.

Eliminates most flats and blowouts

The majority of flats and blowouts are a result of driver negligence. The number one cause being excessive heat generated from under inflation. The overheated, under inflated tyre becomes soft and can be penetrated very easily. However, under inflation creates additional problems such as tread separations, ply separations and tread ruptures. All of the above is primarily caused by porosity (natural air migration) which exists in all tyres to some degree. PunctureSafe eliminates air migration and prevents the majority of damage created by under inflation, thereby preventing most related blowouts. The sealing capabilities of PunctureSafe are unparalleled by any tyre sealant, worldwide.

Will not void tyre warranty

Tyre manufacturers state that tyre sealants do not void their warranties unless it can be proved that the additive caused a problem to the tyre structure. PunctureSafe's polymer composition is completely compatible with all tyre components.

Compatible with all retread methods

PunctureSafe conditions the casing and retards aging. Plus, the ability to be thoroughly cleaned out of the tyre assures no hindrance for inspection. The product is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, does not present a disposal problem and has no compatibility problems.