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Don't Suffer

Puncture Safe installed Tyre

Don't Suffer

Nobody wants to pick up a puncture and it’s going to happen at the most inconvenient time.  A frustrating experience, especially when if you've just got a new tyre. If you have Puncture Prevention install a gel in to your tyre, you will not have to suffer.

We all hate that inconvenience of getting a flat. We've all been to one of those garages that says "you need a new tyre" (with a nice money grin on the face), and you know deep down they all full of bull#*@&!

When a puncture occurs it’s understandable that you’d want to try and repair that tyre rather than replace it!

At Puncture Prevention, we will seal all punctures made by a puncturing object up to 6mm.


Then for peace of mind you get the other tyres installed with the Puncture Prevention Gel and continue on with life. When the puncturing object is removed, the rubber recovers and the wound immediately closes, escaping air siphons Puncture Prevention Gel into the puncture. The fibres entwine to create a clot that prevents any additional air from escaping. As the rubber recovers, the puncture closes and the strength of the tyre holds the seal in place. The specialised polymers and fibres form the seal, thereby producing an airtight seal.