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3 Great Reviews

Puncture Safe Reviews

It is always great to get great reviews but it's more rewarding when I am actually helping the customer out.

I meet so many people that are unaware what safety role the tyre plays in your vehicle. You have to remember that it is the only part of a vehicle that touches the road surface. Looking after your tyres and checking them at least once a month should be part of your own safety regime. Don't wait till you have an issue, being proactive is more beneficial and gives you a better outlook on life.

Here are some of my customer reviews, customers that have been proactive:

Glenn B, Lee-on-the-Solent

I got Mark at Puncture Safe to do my Racing Bike with presta valves. He was very quick at installing the puncture prevention sealant.
I have already noticed that my tyres are much better and are no longer deflating. I was impressed with his video on the bike installation on his website, www.puncture-safe.co.uk/our-market-2/bike-grade
Thanks Mark

Katie R, Alverstoke

After replacing my tyre and having replaced all four in the last 18 months I figured it would be an ideal time to get extra peace of mind. I had heard of Puncture Safe previously and arranged an appointment with Mark. The process is really straightforward and took about five to ten minutes. I cannot fault the service that Mark provided, from explaining and answering questions to test driving the car once the gel had been applied- just to make sure everything was as it should be. I have had no issues thus far with my Tyres and have recommended puncture safe to friends and family. A really efficient and most of all affordable and high quality service! Thank you Mark

Kean M, Porchester

After spending £800 on new tyres for my car, I felt it necessary to protect my investment.
So upon looking online for puncture prevention and/or a tyre life extender, I found Puncture Safe.
I contacted Mark at Puncture Safe after looking at his website www.puncture-safe.co.uk, who came out the next day and installed Puncture Safe High Speed Grade in to my tyres.
My investment has already been paid back as I have seen an improvement on my fuel economy.
Thanks Mark at Puncture Safe

Puncture Safe does more than puncture prevention & tyre life extender, it looks after you.