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A peace of mind for you, your passengers and your employees

Anyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a dangerous experience it can be. It can happen without warning, making your vehicle impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger. Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect. Installing PunctureSafe in your tyres helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation. A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous. PunctureSafe prevents punctures by sealing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent seal for the legal lifetime of the tyre.


What is Puncture Safe


A tyre life extender/conditioner & permanent puncture prevention treatment

PunctureSafe is a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner tyre. PunctureSafe is a "permanent" puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender/conditioner.

PunctureSafe is not a get you home product, it is applied before the puncture occurs, and permanently seals punctures as they happen. Once installed, PunctureSafe not only seals punctures, it conditions the inner casing, preventing porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks.

In other words after installing PunctureSafe the tyres maintain correct air pressure and the need to regularly top up with air is virtually eliminated, and with correctly inflated tyres you get better fuel economy, your tyres also run cooler eliminating that problem of heat build-up.

Tyres treated with PunctureSafe last considerably longer, and cooler tyres are also less susceptible to punctures.

What makes PunctureSafe different to tyre sealants that do not work?

Technology! Sealants have caused many problems that PunctureSafe Research & Development Team have addressed. Using a highly evolved mixture of polymers, we have devised a product that is more than capable of working in harmony with today’s modern breed of vehicles. We use advanced chemistry in our process that bonds the molecules of the sealant together at speeds up to 150mph. Previously available products, and most current ones, have simply "fallen apart" at around 55-65mph.